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 random & unreleased @ segmenter.com

   5335 days 5 hours ago (07:08)
На segmenter.com была обнаружена подборочка mp3 от белорусских (и не только) экспериментальных электронных музыкантов. Вот такие товарищи там представлены:

  • i/dex
  • d`iskord
  • pavel ambiont
  • better than beetles
  • complex routine
  • ephemeris
  • -ed

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 И там же пару слов про Segmentation. И опять послушать можно.

   5335 days 5 hours ago (06:54)
VA :: Segmentation

Label: Segment
Cat: SEGMENT01200364
Format: CD

Great selection of quality tracks! The music varies from beautiful ambient to moving electronica. Some tracks are very minimal, others are more melodic and accessible. Label owners Autism present two outstanding moody tracks. I/DEX is very good as usual — dubby and atmospheric. Harmash and –ED bring massive ambient pieces. All of the tracks fit together nicely, to combine a brilliant compilation CD. Highly recommended.

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 Рецензию на Elkampilation вот нашёл.

   5335 days 6 hours ago (06:51)
VA :: Elkampilation 001
Gizmo Lab/Zavod Kubik
cat. GZCD07 (CD-R)

Elkampilation was released following an electronic event ELKA, which was organised in Minsk (Belarus) in summer 2002 by art/promo project Zavod Kubik. The aim of the event was to bring together various electronic artists from Belarus for one experimental concert, and to offer some sort of alternative to the local music scene, which was mostly dedicated to house parties. Nobody could predict that this event will start series of monthly electronic parties in Minsk (The System of Electronic Madness — organised by promo group Electrokids) as well as second ELKA event in summer 2003. All artists on this album come from Belarus, except for Novel 23 from Moscow, who was a guest artist of the first ELKA. The music varies from ambient and idm to microsound and electro, and shows the great potential of Belarussian artists. Some of the projects have already received great interest from electronic labels in Europe and USA, as well as released some tracks on compilations and MP3 labels. This album is a very good example of quality music, which is undeservedly unknown.

Оригинал тут: [ >>> ]
И, кстати, там отдельные треки можно послушать в Real Audio.

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 А вот вам и информация про T-Trider’а на английском.

   5335 days 6 hours ago (06:43)
If you are on a dance floor in Minsk, Belarus and suddenly have a big stupid grin on your face, I bet there is T-Trider on the decks.
Drum’n’Bass producer, DJ and promoter, he is well-known for his optimism, infinite energy, ability to create or find catchy tunes, and his great skill of making any party he plays at interesting.
He started producing in 1998, but did not think that the result of his work was good enough to show it to the public until 2002 when he co-organised his first party. The party in question was a real success and has finally grown into a monthly festival, «System Of Electronic Madness». For the following two seasons, this was the most interesting event for electronic-heads.

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  • Pendulum — The island (T-Trider drum’n’bass remix). Скачать трек.


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