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 Ещё рецензия на Everything Is Green (Toytronic)

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Everything Is Green
Toytronic 2004
16 Tracks. 78mins19secs

In just a few years, Toytronic, the London-based label set-up by Chris Cunningham (no relation to the video and film director) has imposed its blend of beautifully crafted electronica through releases by the likes of Gimmik, Num Num, Multiplex or Abfahrt Hinwil, Cunnigham’s collaboration with Gimmik’s Martin Haidinger. With the label’s last compilation, Neurokinetic, released four years ago, Everything Is Green is a well overdue round up of current work by some of its artists, including exclusive tracks from Ochre, whose debut album for the label is due out imminently, Gimmik, Num Num, Abfahrt Hinwil and Cunningham’s solo project, Point 7, together with recordings from other artists, from Russian duo Koordinate Of Wonders and Welsh musician Phase Mojo to one time Toytronic collaborator Sovacusa or BOC Scadet.
Remaining faithful to the label’s sonic ethic established over the years, that is beautiful melodic electronica based on warm analogue sounds, the artists involved on this project however approach the genre via a variety of different angles, creating a contrasted, yet consistent soundtrack. From the peaceful sonic landscapes explored by the likes of Abfart Hinwil, Orche or What Kind Of Sound, to the more upfront moments of Point 7’s Higher Contrast Information, Koordinate Of Wonder’s Seventh Spectrum or Low Profile Society’s Running For Headroom, a track reminiscent of early Aphex Twin, Everything Is Green charts some of the most evocative and inviting territories of contemporary electronica. As the stunning picture on the cover and the title lead to think, this compilation presents a impressive collection of luscious moments, revealing the more gentle side of electronic music, yet, with enough glitch and broken hip-hop-infused beats scattered all over this album, there is more to these sixteen tracks than first meet the ear. Although the atmosphere remains gentle and voluptuous, there is often an element of tension to be found in these compositions, as on Cultek’s Minds Beyond or Point 7’s Higher Contrast Information. This has been the common strength of most Toytronic releases up until now, and this album demonstrates that there is no radical change of direction to fear from Cunningham’s label in the near future. Everything Is Green is one of the most consistent and interesting compilations heard this year.


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