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 Subway. English Bio.

   5099 days 13 hours ago (14:54)
Pavel Rapinchuk, aka Subway started making electronic music back in 1999.
In 1999–2000 the style he was producing was mostly intelligent drum’n’bass/jazzy jungle, several tracks that date back to that period can be found on the first cd he released.
Since 1999–2001 were mostly dedicated to demo scene. Subway was not really involved in the club life at that time. Nevertheless, during that period he released a compilation of his works entitled «Chaotic Impulses», appeared on local TV, and took part in first in many years Belarussian compilation of electronic «The Squared Life», all this with the help of local association «Diskoteq».

Then, since he started collaborating with electokids.org, promo-group, since the beginning of 2003 it is possible to hear at the parties conducted in club «NC». Subway it played on a series of parties «System of Electronic Madness», the first belorussian drum’n’bass festival «Meat Interpretations» and many other events. Several sets by Subway featured an MC and a live guitar.

Subway was also quite successful at demo-parties and tracker scene, for example, he took:
1st place at CAFe PARTY 2002 (RU)
3d place at PARADIGMUS’2002 demoparty (RU)
1st place at MILLENNIUM’1903 (2003) (BY)
to say nothing about the numerous competitions, in which the Subway’s tracks of project reached the top 10.

2004 saw Subway saying good-buy to the tracker scene, starting DJng using vinyl as the medium and moving, together with electokids.org to clubs «28» and «Dinamik» in Minsk.

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