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 CherryVata — Down Love. Слова песни / Lyrics.

   4515 days 2 hours ago (31.07.2006 14:56)
Jump with me in the distance, dear
U’ll see the light, there we go
We’ll the way out from here
I’ll show you love and you just flow

Don’t be afraid, it’s not a scary movie
It wasn’t hard to understand
That u’r trembling just feel groovy
Life’s full of colours, it’s not the end

Hey, recognize your gorgeous vibration
And love me till the end of your days
And all you need is a foolish celebration
Let’s try to choose together the right dance

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 CherryVata — Leto Proshlo / слова песни / Черивата — Лето прошло / lyrics

   4564 days 2 hours ago (12.06.2006 15:24)
Жизнь как вода уходит сквозь пальцы, опять не заметила как лето прошло.
Видеть не хочу я кровь на асфальте, во дворе дети нюхают клей, пьют что-то еще.
Словно птица на юг улетаю, до свидания страна.
Просто я слишком о многом мечтаю хмурыми днями дурными ночами.

Cпорить нету сил и ждать нету мочи, и ночью во дворе кто-то дико кричал.
Ком от горла отступил и, хочешь не хочешь — время настало сказать тебе прощай.

Есть лишь один способ проверить, лучше ли там где нас русских нет.
Здесь черный день и не во что верить. Я улетаю, до встречи.
Извини что тебя покидаю, до свидания страна.
Просто я слишком о многом мечтаю хмурыми днями дурными ночами.

До свидания страна, до свидания страна…

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 Pendulum — Hold Your Colour. Lyrics.

   4607 days 21 hours ago (29.04.2006 20:24)
Soaking through
Colours that have us up against the wall
Soaking through
Colours that have us up against the wall

Hold your colours against the wall
When they take everything away
Hold your colours against the wall

Soaking through

She looked into your eyes
And saw what laid beneath
Don’t try to save yourself
The circle is complete
We’re reaching out and to tell you
Nothing else can touch me

Fading gently
Soaking through
We’re reaching out and to take you
Nothing else can touch me

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 Pendulum & Fresh Feat. Spyda & Tenor — Tarantula

   4854 days 1 hour ago (26.08.2005 15:28)
Shotter, hitter, serial killer
Go a your funeral & all drink out your liquor
When you are bury we stand next to the vicar
Fling on some dirt and make your bury a little quicker
Shouldn`t test the youth’s them in the Tommy Hilfiger
Hug up you Mama, say sorry to you Papa
All a get number from you little sister…

Black tarantula
Time for the massive and sing ya
Black tarantula
Don’t play with my style I might sting ya
U want me inject the bacteria
But when your body turns stiff
And your spine turns numb
You come for get some…

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 Продолжаем выкладывать слова песен группы Dreamlin. Absurdity.

   4949 days 21 hours ago (22.05.2005 20:14)
Absurdity. 6й трек на альбоме.
Слова: Егор Куновский и секретное лингвистическое програмное обеспечение.
Вокал: Justus Hayes aka The Opponent Process, Ванкувер, Канада.

I can see the absurdity of hearts and of squash and the miscomposition of chess.
there are often some seeds in her ears, that’s why she is always exploring herself.
everyone disappears like smoke in the wind to consider the ugliest shapes.
I’ve been tending to blackness since I was a kid and will now take my measures backstage.
I will shoot every apple like William Burroughs I reflect all the beams with my eye.
in the sound of delusion of countless crows you are never as brave as to die.
when you go through the tunnels of fire escapes you are never as fast as your mail.
if there ever was a birth rate as high as today I would rather prefer to exile.
when the face of the moon is so wrinkled with rust that you see all the mirrors of pain
you are an eloquent creature confronted to lust… I should play this again and again.
What’s the light in the night or the fact in absurd? if you never believe in the stars.
Such a foam melodrama is never so good But it brings the invaders from mars.
There is mis-saturation when you nutrify but you’ve never been mastering this.
If you meet my illusions and your passers by They will certainly give you a kiss.
I could never attach my mistakes to my mail your achievements will now disappear.
if you see the mean meekness of frying desire you should fetch me the blade and the spear.
if you count all the stars on the countless maps there is always a chance to survive
you can always invent some new things to create when the feelings in bellies excite
I can feel the ambiguity of rock’n’roll and dismaying distress of hip-hop
is always some crazy DJ to control the misleading allusions of hope

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Ключевое слово: lyrics

записи 1-5 из 12 всего | следующие записи >>

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