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 Astralas (Metro Promo, Lithuania). Bio and DJ Chart.

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Ten years ago Astralas became interested with electronic music, especially in jungle and hardcore. The role of passive observer did not satisfied Astralas in rising jungle / drum’n’bass culture, so he began to spin records in 1997. Soon he was noted as a face of a bright future and was invited to play in parties, radiostations, clubs. But djing wasn’t enough to realise his all ideas. So he started to organize small type of electronic music events in 1999 and in the same year the „Metro" idea was born. By the years running the small underground event became the yearly electronic music festival and as we can say other is the history.

In 2003 Astralas met JaZzy who was thinking about webportal www.drumandbass.lt and webportal would be lounch this autumn. Currently Astralas is working with drum’n’bass producer Electro for their first release.
Second year in a row Astralas was nominated as best and most wanted Lithuanian drum’n’bass DJ. In 2003 he lifted from 4th place in 2002 to 3rd in biggest Lithuanian e-zine Ore.lt «DJ of the year 2003» competition.

Also well known as promoter of very high quality techno / drum’n’bass events. Talking about his promoting skills we must mark such events series as «Metro», «Arka.Drum’n’Bass», «Derailing», «Arena», «SunCity Drum‘n‘bass», «Chapter» and many more.

Metro: Looking back to 1999 in Lithuania there were many house parties and techno and drum’n’bass events were rarities. As a result born an idea of „Metro" – yearly electronic music festival. First „Metro" launched in December 2000 with best Lithuanian techno and drum’n’bass DJs in area which main purpose was to survive in case of nuclear war… Event was well valued and it was a kick to continue. Futher followed other events of that serie and small underground party became electronic music festival.
Arka.Drum’n’Bass — legendary drum’n’bass parties in small caffee (12 tables only) in the heart of Vilnius Oldtown. Best atmosphere in our town and 200 peeps is not limit there!
SunCity Drum‘n‘Bass – another drum‘n‘bass party serie in Siauliai city, Lithuania. Expect triphop, drum‘n‘bass, ragga and jungle here.
In collaboration with Techstylism we have monthly events at club „Intro", also present such event series as Derailing, Arena — stricktly techno here. Chapter series are dedicated to present some bigger events as Metro, Derailing, Arena.

Скачать микс можно здесь

А играет он вот тут:
//drum’n’bass motion: INTERGALACTIC BASSTORM
6 декабря. NC (ул. Октябрьская-17, ст.м. Первомайская)

DJ ASTRALAS (Metro Promo / Вильнюс, Литва)
DJ Nobel (Гродно)
Diogen (Витебск) {new}
Temax, Walder, Subway, Sidewalk (Минск)

23:30 — 6:00
Цена: 7000 с флаером, 9000 без флаера.
Инфо: 7605955, 6385796, www.newclub.info

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